Van Allen Studios offers a highly comprehensive and intuitive approach to music learning, using the piano as the primary instrument. 

Van Allen Studios is proud to offer children exceptional group music learning, with parent involvement. Each lesson insures clear understanding for the developmental age of the class. 80% of what is taught is retained by long term memory, with proper reinforcement and review at home.  


Call, text or email for more information and confirmation of enrollment: Michelle Van Allen 406-250-3525 

New classes are currently being filled for Fall Semester 2019 and Winter Semester 2020..

Free Field Trips - Field trips are given upon request, at any time of year. A group of 6 to 16 students may attend, within their appropriate age group. Please call Michelle for scheduling.

Toddler Tunes/Music in Me - ENROLLMENT OPEN Fall 2019. (Ages 2-3 ½ yrs) Toddler Tunes is a playful,  first introduction to the world of music. Parents support their children in using large and small muscle groups, along with voices to say and sing musical patterns. Dance and exploration of the keyboard is part of learning as well.


Tuition: $60 monthly fee (45-minute class weekly)

Book/CD/All materials: $35.00

Class Day and TIme: Mondays at 12pm

This class will resume Monday, September 9th, 2019

New students may join this class throughout the semester.



More Music In Me -ENROLLMENT OPEN FALL 2019  (Ages 3 1/2 to 5)  This class allows kids to experience music physically and develop musical understanding, pitch and rhythm awareness through singing, rhythm, movement, ear training and keyboard activities. Students are introduced to music reading and writing and learn to track notes on the piano. Parents participate in class time and are guided in follow-up activities. 
Classes meet 45 minutes weekly. 16 week semester. Students may be added during the course of the semester.

Tuition: $60 monthly fee, made payable at the first scheduled lesson of the month, 4 consecutive months

Book/CD/All materials: $35.00

Class Time: TBA

New students may join this class throughout the semester.



Harmony Road  ENROLLMENT OPEN for Fall 2019/Winter 2020 (Ages 4 to 6 1/2) Students will develop “inner hearing” and learn music through a combination of effective and enjoyable activities that include rhythm and movement, solfege and expressive singing, along with ear training. They will gain experience in solo and ensemble keyboard playing and gain an understanding of harmony and applied theory. In addition to learning to read, write and play music, they are introduced to improvising, composing and transposing. Parents participate in class time and are guided in follow-up activities.Classes meet 50-55 minutes weekly. 18 week semester. Students graduate from this program in 10 semesters. The skills developed through this program will last a lifetime.

Tuition: $325 per semester or $75 monthly throughout the school year

Book and CD: $35.00

Registration (one-time fee): $30.00

Class Time: Tuesdays at 4:55pm, beginning August 27, 2019

(Winter 2020 class time: TBA)


Keyboard Encounters Kids - Enrollment Pending interest in this class. (Ages 7 to 10) Appealing to the intellect of this age, KEkids captures the senses of listening, reading, feeling rhythm and developing gross and fine motor skill movement, culminating on the piano. Independence in learning is developed through this class. Parents are encouraged to attend class as often as possible, for better success and consistency in "at home practice". Classes meet 50-55 minutes weekly. 18 week semester.

Tuition: $325 for the semester or $75 monthly throughout the school year

Book and CD: $20.00

Registration (one-time fee): $30.00

Class Time: TBA  

(Homeschool and private school groups may form daytime classes, if they like, after inquiring.)



Private Lessons - Michelle has a small number of advanced students. These students are highly motivated individuals who are seeking to master their piano skills, with sights set on improvisation, mastery of theory and prep for college study in music. All students must first be interviewed before being placed in Michelle's private schedule. Lessons are $120 monthly for 45 minute lessons. 

Please watch this very informative video. "How playing an instrument benefits your brain" - Anita Collins. Copy the URL below and paste to your search bar.