Class Descriptions


Parents' Commitment

Parents, please note that in taking a seat/keyboard in a piano class, you are committing to being in class consistently and having scheduled practices at home for the duration of the school year. I say this, as I want all parents to be aware that I take my program very seriously and wish for all students to get the most out of their music education. I promise to give it my all in class and ask that you set up your child for success at home as well.

Music In Me

(Ages 3 - 4 1/2 yrs)

Music in Me is a dynamic readiness program for young children with emphasis on ear training, solfege singing, movement, keyboard activities, pitch and rhythm awareness. Creativity is stressed. Parent involvement in class and at home.

Music In Me: Mondays 10:30am. This class will officially open, once there is an enrollment of at least 4 children. You may jump in to this class at any point in the year. Classes are 45 minutes. Tuition for Music In Me is $50 monthly. Book/Workbook/CD - $30 

Harmony Road

(Ages 4 1/2 - 6 1/2yrs)

The Harmony Road course is carefully constructed for children to learn the basic building blocks of music. Emphasis is on ear training, solfege singing, keyboard playing, note and rhythm reading, ensemble and rhythm activities, movement and music creativity. This exceptional course gives the student "inner hearing", which makes transposing, improvisation and composing easily accessible in their musical studies. Parent involvement in class and at home.


Semester Tuition in Full - $305.00 for a 20 week semester (this is a $20 discount for paying tuition in full, per semester).


Monthly Tuition - $65/mo. for 5 months, per semester (total of 10 months of payments for the school year).

Book/CD: $30.00 per semester

There is a one-time Registration Fee of $30 for new Harmony Road students.

Beginner's Summer Music Camps

 Summer camps are offered in June and July for children 3 – 11 years old. In Spring of 2015 you will see more details 

Summer Music Camps For Current Piano Players

 Summer camps are offered in June and July.  In Spring of 2015 you will see more details