Music Class Guidelines

Studio guidelines are for the benefit of all students and parents involved in our class time. Please take time to read and commit to supporting these important details.

TUITION: Tuition is due at the beginning of the semester or, if you are paying monthly, your payment is due the first scheduled lesson of the month. There is a $5.00 fee for late payments. You may drop your payment in to my red box on my keyboard. Thank you. 

ATTENDANCE:  Please courteously arrive to your lesson on time. Classes start promptly. If you forget your music, or have not practiced, or if you are having a tough day, don't let that keep you from attending your lesson. I always have extra books and there is always something to be gained by being in class. Consistency in lessons is essential for feeling confidence and building skills, moving information to long term memory. 

FOOD/WATER: There is no food allowed in the studio. Water is only permitted to drink if it is in a spill-proof container and kept on the floor. 


SHOES: Students are asked to remove their shoes during class. Slippers carried in to class are also fine. Parents may keep shoes on, once wiped and inspected for stones (stones destroy our bamboo floor).

CLASSTIME INTERRUPTIONS: Please use the restroom before class, if at all possible, so as to not interrupt the flow of the lesson. Please simplify your life by making other arrangements for siblings during your child’s lesson. It is less stress for the parent and the student.

VOLUME: Keyboard volumes are set to 3/4 power, unless otherwise indicated. You will notice sound boards have been installed in the studio and have drastically decreased the decibel level of our classroom. You will be pleased with the affect.

PARENT PARTICIPATION: Parent participation in class is the norm. Parents, please stay fully engaged during the lesson. Minimize conversation to only that which is pertinent to aiding your child and others in the classroom. Feel free to play along with your child in the lesson, as long as they are not distracted by that.


CELL PHONES: Cell phones will be silenced/put on airplane mode during class. Only in the case of necessity should you glance at your phone briefly.

PLAYGROUND: You are welcome to use the playground before and after class! No playing on wet equipment or during the winter months.  

PARKING: Please park on my property. I have a small parking lot to the right of my driveway. Cars may park 2-deep and in to the grass when weather permits. You also may park along my fence to the left of my driveway. And someone can park behind my Flex.  Thank you for not parking on my neighbor's property and for entering and exiting our lane slowly. I just need to be respectful of the neighbors and appreciate your attention to these details. 

BRING TO CLASS: A 3-ring binder (1 ½”), Pen/Pencil, Flash Cards (IF you have already received a set from me)