Practice Strategies for Little People

  • Play all you rehearsed within 24 hours of your music lesson
  • Play the same time every day (if possible)
  • Play when you are awake and NOT tired
  • Play AFTER you eat and NOT when you are hungry
  • Either count repetitions (set goals of 3 to 5 repeats per activity) OR set the timer and play the same activity over and over again (ostinato) for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Remember, piano skills come from taking little steps at first by getting acquainted with the song through listening, listening and SINGING, then playing and singing small pieces of the song, then by stringing all the measures together to form the melody.  Don’t ever feel it all has to happen right away.
  • Be consistent about practice habits and be sure to sing along with your child, speak positive words of encouragement and provide rewards that are tangible (everyone needs a carrot in front of them). Make your own treasure box, have your child earn computer, xbox or wii time (for example), take them out for play dates to the park or to ice cream. Whatever it takes to help them get the music in to long-term memory.
  • Come to class with a rested child (if possible). A fed child. A child who has practiced, so their confidence is boosted before class begins.

Let me know anytime you have concerns or questions regarding music.  Call right away.  I am always eager to help you - 250-3525. Leave a message if I can’t answer and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you text, that works great for me!