Recitals occur at the end of every semester.

Recitals are strategic. They help us complete the circle of our music understanding. Preparing for a recital takes consistent practice/play time and review. This helps us stay on track and motivates us to play our pieces to the best of our ability. Giving a concert has endless benefits. We learn to be poised. We learn self control over nerves and pressure. We learn the art of sharing our musical gifts with others. We learn to be gracious in saying thank you when we are applauded. We develop good listening habits while others play. We learn to congratulate and compliment others on their hard work as well. Recital time is a celebration of the hours of commitment to the skills of piano that we value.


Please talk to your child about all the benefits of recitals. And please be sure to acknowledge your child’s efforts in preparation. Lastly, make a plan to celebrate immediately after the concert, and express your joy over your child’s accomplishments! You are making lasting and formative memories for your child in this way.