A Note From the Teacher

Aug 27 2014

There is all kinds of science that supports music as a valid help to human brain development - even on a cellular level. Playing music gives kids bigger, more active brains - especially those areas involved with hearing, memory and motor skills.  Kids who play instruments make faster sound-to-meaning connections because of the increased activity in the auditory centers of the brain.  Math concepts evolve through music and give kids excellent abilities to think spatially. I just read an article which listed all these things as benefits to learning music and musical instruments: confidence, dexterity, spelling, multiplication, reading, discipline, time management with practice, learning to care for an instrument, mastering notes without mistakes, stick-to-it-iveness, and responsibility, building creative brain power, and perseverance - and the list goes on!  Additionally, music is therapy.  It soothes the soul.  It opens us up to express our feelings.  Psych ...